April Lamb

About You

Through years of working one on one with immensely talented artists, I have come to understand the creative mind.

I can help you develop and refine your stories, career, or life in a more focused, productive, and efficient way.

You are -- 

A creative professional in the film/TV/content business.

Looking for a collaborator to get your creative pursuits actualized, or create and execute professional and personal goals.

You feel -- 

You need that extra push from someone who will understand your personality, goals, motivations and priorities.

You need someone to bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, and discuss blockages with.

This is about YOU being a creative entity which requires practice, work and focus. I can help you simplify and improve your life, both practically and philosophically.

The services I offer are under the umbrella of ‘creative therapy.’ I am not a licensed therapist, but I do innately understand people and the common struggles within the entertainment business.


I can empower you to:

·       feel engaged and energized by your pursuits.

·       be the best version of yourself within the structures & confines of your industry.

·       remember why you’re a creative being.