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Creative Project Consulting

This is for writers, directors, creatives or artists looking for actualized work on specific projects.

You will have a partner in me: to remind you why this story is important to you, what your creative goals are, make priorities and ask questions to inspire, focus and implement.

The Practical

You will get me up to speed on the history of your project, why you need me at this juncture and what specifically you’re looking for at the end of our time together.

I will build accountability and deadlines (micro and macro) into a schedule based on you and the project’s needs. We can either meet in person, or talk over Skype or FaceTime. I recommend no more than four hours per session, and ideally two hours minimum.

Working alongside someone like me will ensure that your finished product will happen quicker than if you’re on your own.

If you want me to read scripts or other pertinent materials in advance, that preparatory work would be billed outside of the scheduled work session with an agreed-upon time cap.


Types of projects:

·       Screenplays

·       Outlines

·       Pilots

·       Pitches

·       Series bibles

·       Short-form content (shorts, web series)

·       Narrative and non-fiction podcasts

·       Art projects (various)

The Philosophical

I believe an important part of challenging yourself and growing as a creative entity is re-discovering why is it that you’re passionate about the particular story (or stories) you’re drawn to. Part of our work will touch on your motivations for telling this particular project in this particular way. 


I have a creative voice, but I am not:

·       a credited producer on your project

·       a credited co-writer

·       affiliated with any industry guilds

·       a script doctor