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April Lamb

April Lamb

About Me:

I came to the conclusion after ruminating on my past experience and understanding how I wanted to be of use to the film industry that my skillset would best be served continuing to work alongside creative people in a more targeted, concentrated manner: one-on-one with very specific goals in mind. I believe it’s vital for high-functioning, ambitious individuals to make time in their creative lives to reflect, analyze, strategize, and re-balance with someone else who cares about them.

I am still an independent producer based in Los Angeles, having worked in film, TV, and podcasts for the last 12 years. I’ve worked in locations all over the world, on budgets ranging from $100 million to as low as $350,000, and with a variety of personalities and egos. The better part of my last decade was spent being a sounding board for creative types across a variety of disciplines. Many times I functioned as a ‘second brain’ to the people I worked for – absorbing their wishes, priorities and responses to things over time. Eventually I became adept at anticipating what they would want based on a true understanding of them.

I gravitate toward and enjoy working with outside-the-box, complex thinkers; people who aspire to work outside the bounds of commonplace storytelling or people drawn to unconventional paths. I think everyone’s journey (especially in the entertainment industry) is incredibly singular and sometimes does not follow “logic,” which can bring forth confusion and frustration.

I’m a very organized person, a kinesthetic learner and perpetually curious about the world and humans in particular. I’m an empath who is not cynical or judgmental. I enjoy helping people hone in on their identities – within relationships, in a work context, and with themselves, especially through periods of transition.



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