We all are born into systems we didn’t choose. Why does this matter? We learned what it means to be human within the rules and behaviors of the environments we grew up in. Were you not allowed to quit something you didn’t like because “we aren’t quitters”? Did you hide who you had a crush on because you wouldn't be accepted? Did you struggle to express emotions or set boundaries because someone else was taking up too much emotional space?

Hiding our authentic selves can become a pattern designed to protect us from being hurt. Over time, we might find that we are seeking those same self-protective relationships at work, in friendships, or in romantic relationships. There may be parts of you that feel repressed, oppressed, stifled, and controlled. Gaining an awareness of “how did I get here?” can help you clarify what it is that you really want. 


Together, we can strengthen your agency and learn to tolerate the difficult feelings, proving to yourself that you can. What works for you and what needs an update? Let’s get a deeper understanding of what you’ve been through so we can build a healing narrative and integrated identity that allows for joy, ease, and hope for the future.

Registered Associate MFT #126706
supervised by Eliza Steel, LMFT #107513